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Wedding Preparations
In my work as a wedding hair specialist, I am always contacted by brides as soon as they are engaged to ask what the plan is for their hair. Here are some useful tips on preparing your hair for your wedding:

1. Condition
This is always my number one for everything hair. To talk to your trusted stylist preferably on a quieter day Tuesday or Wednesday’s (consultations are always free of charge)- but they are worth so much so that you and your stylist have been informed and have a detailed view of your hair E.G. colour, scalp, texture etc. Then and only then when all has been looked at, advice can be given. It’s no good over the phone - hair dressers are visual people – so can prescribe a lot better when they see and feel your hair – as every head is unique too.

2. Length
Far too often brides will stop cutting their hair as soon as he pops the question. Be aware that in doing this you may run the risk of dry split ends. So always trim regularly. In my experience having your hair too long isn’t always best for hair up and if your hair is very fine you may want to consider clip in extensions to create volume and length is better than your hair being too long and wispy fine ends. Also a lot of hair up doesn’t require hair longer than just below shoulders, as it holds waves better and it doesn’t weigh your look down. The dress is going to be the decider for your hair style. If you look on Pinterest you will see that many on trend looks this season haven’t extra-long hair so don’t be afraid of having trims on a regular basis.

3. Colour
When it comes to hair up againyour stylist works visually. Gather styles you like e.g. make mood boards either from magazine cut outs or digitally on apps such as Pinterest